Ella the Dog

These young people can do more than act, sing and create amazing art and crafts. Their latest venture has been writing a book. All of the Arc Summer and After School Program participants will have their photo and a paragraph about them in the book.

TITLE: Ella,The Dog
Ella is rescued and proceeds to change many lives. You will fall in love as her story unfolds.

AUTHORS: Participants in The Arc Summer and After School Programs

ILLUSTRATOR: Jessica Cappell

PUBLISHER: Red Horseshoe Books

WE NEED to (pre)sell 150 copies by March 30 to be able to have the books printed by the middle of May. As you purchase our books, you will be helping us make our programs more self sufficient.

COST: $20. (Make checks payable to The Arc AC)
Mail orders to The Arc AC, P.O.Box 4823, Oak Ridge TN 37831
Contact by text or call 865-742-8523 or arc@arcaid.org

PLEASE order today and SHARE this post with friends and family. Thank you in advance for your support of these wonderful young folks.

Thanks Friends,


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